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Impatient people grew older fast

Impatient people grew older fast

Researchers from National University of Singapore have invented young impatient women shows more signs of quick aging because the cells in them age faster. Researchers found the test on healthy Chinese undergraduates. Among them the impatient females showed shorter telomere length which is found in older people with old cells. 

Premature aging in the anxious people can be slow down by doing yoga for relaxation of mind like meditation. Impatience linked to anger and more to relate with life frustration and mental disorders too as it can cause telomere length to reduce. Analysts are now finding solutions to reduce impatience in humans as well as looking for methods of keeping telomere length longer. People with impatient characteristics are more prone to feel constant fear and sense of insecurity. They experience negative about things as what goes around comes around. So the best strategy is to cope with the situations in the positive way. 

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