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Mobile phones problems

Mobile phones problems

Mobile phones have brought many advantages in our lives as this means of communication is the best and quickest source to make contacts with our friends and relatives with ease. The mobiles phones are also best source of entertainment where you can listen to your favorite sings, play games and access internet for watching movies, read news and for other purpose. Besides pros, there are disadvantages too. Firstly, a mobile user become addicted and dependant on his/her mobile phone. The use of mobile phones makes people to waste of a lot of time that influence studies and lead to distractions from certain important things.  The use of mobile phones has created social, medical and technical problems. Many people think that the technology has made people individualistic. It is reported that many cases of accidents are contributed by the use of this technology and can also cause many diseases from headache to cancer. Therefore, it is crucial to set boundaries for its usage with reasonable limits. 


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