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Alcoholic pregnant women

Alcohol can cause defects in Pregnancy
Intake of enough amount of alcohol during pregnancy may affect about three generations of developing alcoholism as conducted studies on rats. Alcohol is harmful to your baby as can lead to cause miscarriage.  The amount of alcohol in the mother’s body goes to the child’s body because what a mother eat or drink goes through your bloodstream and reaches the baby via placenta. You can manage the alcohol in your body but your baby can’t handle it as it can hurt your baby’s growth too. It can cause to develop health issues in baby like fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) which affect badly mentally as well as physically. Baby could also have birth defects, hearing or seeing problems, underweight, learning or behaviour problems, sleeping problems and such others.

To avoid physical permanent harm or other unhealthy conditions happen to your baby, stay away from alcohol especially including wine, beer, liquor and wine coolers for completely nine months. Research says drinking alcohol during the first months increases the risk of miscarriage and also added the chances of premature birth.  The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advises it is important to promote good health and prevent illness during this period. Also it is crucial to stick to the follow guidelines throughout the pregnancy period. Science evidence showcase the alcohol can reduce fertility in both men and women. More complications seen as stillbirth, heart defects and problems like poor muscle tone


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