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Is Sugar and Cancer Related to each other???

Sugar and Cancer???

It is now believed that sugar may help to detect cancer as the studied conducted by Lund University in Sweden. It is also said by Linda Knutsson (senior lecturer at the university) that if sugar replaces metal as a contrast agent in the body, it can help to make patients calm and positive. It is found that by researchers that the more sugar the tumour consumes, the more malignant it is.

Intake of sugar doesn’t necessarily lead to cancer. It is just result in weight gain when eating too much sugar. So being obese can lead to high risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take sugar since sugar keeps your vital organs to function. Nevertheless the right amount of sugar intake per day is up to 25 grams or 6 teaspoons for women and 37 grams or up to 9 teaspoons for men. Besides natural sugar, there are hidden sugars found in pasta sauce, salad dressings and canned vegetables where sugar is mentioned with another names like glucose, lactose, fructose and dextrose. I would say to avoid artificial sweeteners. When about cancer, sugar doesn’t make to grow it faster. Instead cancer cells also depend on glucose for immunity. But much use of sugar amount may increase the risk factors of certain cancers such as esophageal cancer.


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