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How to stay fit and healthy

Every one of us knows that “Health is Wealth”. But in our today’s life there is no time to going for walk. Every person has its own busy schedule .But if we change our habits we can stay fit and fine .Here are some steps by which we can stay fit and healthy:-


Proper diet is one of the important parts of our life. Eat healthy and fresh food (green leafy vegetable, juices, milk etc. Drink plenty of water.  Eat your meals at a time because every meal has its own value. You should eat healthy food instead of junk food because it has lots of calories in it and it may lead to appetites.


In our time we have lot of work in our full day. So the rest time is least. We have to sleep 7 to 8 hours in a day. If we can’t take rest it effects on our health. It effects on eyes brain as well as on our respiratory system .By sleeping our body parts take rest and when we awake we can do our work in a better way.


We all know three main things by which human beings can’t live alive. Air, water and land! Without water we can’t live and there are many benefits of drinking water .It keeps our body cool. It helps in reducing toxins and helps in making new blood cells. About ¾ of our body weight is of water. So, we can say that there is major role of water in keeping our body fit and fine.


In our days no one has time to go out for walk. But if we have at least 10 -15 minutes we can do exercise, meditation at home .But now people prefer to gyms.
Little bit of an exercise can keep us fit and fine.

So, above given steps by which we can keep our body fit and healthy in our busy schedule.
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