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Snoring May Not Healthy

Snoring May Not Healthy

"Very well he slept, until the snoring so", a friend said when she saw friends they slept soundly. That is, most of us assume that snoring manifestation of a deep sleep. But the assumption is incorrect. Snoring occurs due to vibration when the air trying to enter the network to sneak past the throat. 

Palate thickness (membrane in the back of the palate) can be increased with increasing age and might be larger in males, where most of the snorer is a man and tended to increase according to age (above 50 years). Classic characters men with overweight and middle-aged. By anatomic, several people known to have a tendency to snore, which have large tonsils or a deviation of nasal septum (crooked nasal bone), the arch in the septum (the bone and cartilage that separates the nostrils).

The things mentioned above will inhibit air flow through the nasal cavity and make it difficult for someone to breathe. Although snoring is considered something that is not normal, but there is also a normal and non-threatening nature of your health. Snoring can be dangerous if it is one of the symptoms of certain disorders are serious enough, called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can occur when the muscles are relaxed so that impedes exit and entry of air from the lungs in total during your sleep.

Symptoms most often occur was snoring at night, which is interspersed with the cessation of breathing. People who experience sleep apnea struggling to breathe again and again, so did not sleep well and would interfere with alertness and work in the daytime. To avoid snoring, ways to try is to lie, and avoiding sleeping on your back. This method has often been tried, such as snore; your spouse will change your sleeping position, but try not to wake up. If you are waking up, snoring will stop because the vigilance body will arise as a result of respiratory inhibition, and the natural reflex will wake and eliminate these blockages.

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